We Specialize in Sloped roofs.  We do Private roofs, Commercial roofs and insurance claims.

‚Äč Apprentice And Pro Roofing Inc. 

Roofing Done Right

Choosing Apprentice and Pro Roofing is not just about the shingles on the roof.  We install a roofing system. We are not just roofers that take shingles off and install new ones.  We want your roof to last and protect your biggest investment, your home.  All of our roofing systems come with drip edge, ice and water on all eaves and valleys, #15 felt paper to the balance of the roof.  We replace all vents and flashings, and address and balance the air flow on the roof. 

When a proper roofing system is in place your roof will last longer and perform better in colder months when ice damming is an issue, and during wind storm seasons in the summer.  We do not just 4 nail our shingles, we 6 nail all our shingles for a higher wind warranty.

Ice Damming can also be an issue mainly caused by lack of insulation and lack of ventilation.  Part of our inspection for your homes roofing system is to balance the air flow on your roof for optimum efficiency.

We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty  

Ask about our Annual Roofing Maintenance Program.